500 years ago, the infamous group known as the Griffen riders traveled north to the lands known as the Passion islands, to find a new home, and to create a place of peace for their people. This group was lead by the priest known as Terran Gryfith, who rode a grand Gryffin and wielded a massive war hammer in one hand. They came to settle the lands that would come to be known as the salts, and they did away with the old gods, and put into place their lord Phareous-tain, with his cohorts Aluna, Hogran, and Melphina. As time went on, the Griffens disappeared, and with them so did the power of the Riders. However, from the riders came the seed of the noble lines in the salts.

It is the year 500, and things are in turmoil in the salts. Villainy is springing up in the back yards of even the most powerful lords, gangs of evil bandits run rampant and un-checked, and whats worse is that an even darker, more sinister evil makes moves in the back round, seducing once great heros to the most depraved acts. However, forming in the chaos is a group of powerful individuals known as the “others”. Coming from many different back rounds, with many different motives and agendas, it is yet unclear if they will bring salvation to the land in turmoil, or if they will lead those around them down a dark and sinister path.

The journey of the Griffen

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