The journey of the Griffen

God of Slaughter
The cult of Voodrith

As the Gilded Marauder sailed towards Mystra, they come upon a likely spot to unload some of their cargo, the port of Glen Hallow. As they came into port, they were greeted by the village elder, a man named Obed, who demanded to know what the party wanted. He informed them that they had been having a series of attack perpetrated against them by unknown assailants, who attacked in the night, burned, raped, and kidnapped any they could capture. Obed held the firm belief that it was the ghost of the Barrow king, from the barrows few islands over from glen hallow. He sent the Gilded Marauder in the general direction of the barrows, and when they arrived they found an island that in the center held a barrow that seemed to be guarded by undead ghouls and fiendish orcs. After a quick skirmish they entered the barrows, where they encountered several groups of a weird type of flesh constructs that fought with increased speed. They also encountered more ghouls, and orcs, who Maru was able to convince to make yield. As they reached the end of the barrows, they found a hidden door that required a key to get into in a strange alter room. It is here that they encountered the first of the cultist, who dressed and black robes and fought to the death. As they continued on, searching for the key, they found a room full of prisoners and an evil priestess of voodrith, the ruthless Morrigan, who was in the middle of a procedure to turn a human into a construct. They battled her and her minions, and she was forced to flee. As They finished the exploration of the barrows, they found the key to the hidden door and returned to it. It is here that they fought abraxes and several of the constructs. After defeating him in a very close battle, they gathered him alive, with all of the treasure he had collected, the citizens of glen hallow, and the orcs, and left. As they were on their way to Glen Hallow, they learned that the girl Abigale could be saved with the introduction of the “doomed” curse that telri suffered, that the real threat was Morrigain, and not Abraxes, and that she had escaped. They returned those that would go back to Glen Hallow, where Obed was forced to give the final mercy to some of the survivors. However, a brave man named Marcus demanded to remain behind to care for Abigale. From Glen Hallow, the Gilded Marauder sailed for Mystra

The treaty of concord

When the gilded marauder left Scathach, they had the intentions of setting sail for the port at Gregors Point, ancestral home and stonghold to the ancient, but dying McKiddle house. However along they way, they had come into contact with a pirate group, which bared passage down the safer waters. As the crew of the gilded marauder made preparations to battle at see, the powerful dwarven maiden Johanna made use of her nature guardian powers and took the form of a dozen fall leaves floating in the wind, and the wild druid Tadikichi the shape of a hawk. As the two larger vessels shot back and forth with their cannons, the two smaller vessels closed as if to board. However, a powerful fire spell from the necromancer Anessa sent one ship to sinking, and the other was to be overwhelmed by the power of the crew as Johanna assassinated the captain, and set all to choas aboard the ship. The larger pirate vessel, having been greatly damaged, decided to flee, leaving the other two vessels to the whim of Maru Redwing, who quickly executed some, and left all the others to die. However, she did take the one vessel that she had won at sea. Triumphant for the day, though weary of things to come, the others sailed onto gregors point. When they arrived, it seemed that tensions where bubbling over with their border rivals, the Hatfield clan. As Randolf “ol’ ran” McCoy told it, James Hatfield had shot his nephew, Harmon the witch, as he was returning from Mystra. Ol’ Ran informs Maru of his bad tidings of things to come, and shows only contempt to her and the rest of the crew. Maru informs Ol’ Ran of the events with McKiddle, and even though Ol’ Ran doesnt trust what she is saying, informs her if she wants to help that she needed to play diplomat between Himself and Willam Anderson “devil Anse” Hatfield, the leader of the rival family, and to help him save his nephew who was dying of a gunshot wound. Maru then infroms Tadakichi, who though a skilled healer, had not the tools to preform the intricate procedure to remove the bullet that was killing him. However, as luch would have it, Johanna had a healers kit from her days traveling under ground, which she offered up to tadakichi willingly. He then, through skill, and divine magic, removed the bullet from Harmons chest and saved his life. However, as all this was happening, Anessa and Zortorro where trying to sell the pirate vessel they captured. They where lead to a winesink where a man named Selkirk offered them goods for the ship and two hundred gold for the press ganged crew. However, later on when the goods where loaded on the ship, the party notices that the goods where stolen from the Hatfields. O’Brian, after learning the truth behind the goods, immediately informs Maru, who chastises Anessa for the trade, and resolves to turn them into the Hatfields. As they set sail from Gregors point, they encountered a Hatfield ship, whos captain was Floyd Hatfield. Maru instructs Anessa to send their silver raven to the other ships and give up the fact that they have the stolen goods. As Floyd and Maru meet for the first time, they discuss the problems in the province, and conspire against both families to make the arrests and trials needed to help stabilize the region. However, Selkirk throws a wrench into the plans when he attacks another Hatfield ship at night with his new vessel. Floyd asks Maru and crew to go and pose as a Hatfield ship to catch Selkirk and his band at sea. They arrive to Selkirks hideout and lure them out as was intended, then preform a quick raid on the compound on the island and capture a majority of the criminal element from the Hatfield’s. However, in response to Selkirks attack, “Devil Anse” and his family, who formed a group known as “loghans Wildcats”, attacked Ol’ Ran’s house, and killed Randolfs wife and 2 of his sons. However, Ol’ Ran was able to make it away to safety. In response to this, Maru and crew capture James Hatfeild’s ship at sea, and brought them to justice. They then gather the heads of the family at the port that Maru came to call “Concord”. Here she revealed that she was apart of a Multinational organization Known as the “Directive”, who patrol most of the Alliance held territory, and act as arbitrator’s and judges between different lords, in the interest of law. Here she judged the guilty of their crimes, and sentenced many of the men to death, and had the McCoy’s and the Hatfield’s settle their rivalry once and for all, merging the two houses, to have the McCoy legacy, with the Hatfield name, saving both familes from ruin. Floyd stays in Concord, to make that the new seat of the future generations of Hatfield’s. Ol’ Ran offers the “others” what boons he can, and informs them of a place close by that held a magical water source. As luck would have it, Tadikichi required such precious unguents, and urged Maru to travel their. When they did, they ventured onto the island, and after climbing a large hill, found that a fresh water spring formed at the top. When they entered they found that it was a nexus point for a leyline, where in lied a water elemental who wished for “maidens to bathe in his cleansing water”. As Johanna, and then Maru bathed in the water, they were given an earthen jar that they filled from a raised dais in the cave, holding water of from the purest source. After having all this done, they left from there and headed towards Mystra, hoping to make it in time for the festival.

Night of the howling dead
The mother and the child

The players prepared to fight the ghastly horrors that awaited them from the island come alive. As the sun set they were attacked by a ghastly creature that Aneesha identified as an attic whisperer. After defeating the first creature, they ventured outside where a powerful illusion spell had been cast, depicting horrific and violent images all over, and seemingly guiding their path through the compound. After fighting a second attic whisper in the kitchen, the party ventured into the dormitory. It is here where they first encounted the mother, who greatly wounded McKiddle, and separated Zortorro and McKiddle from their allies. As if to make matters worse, they encountered a second attic whisper, who was seemingly in command of a multitude of weird skeletal constructs who fused together to form one large monster. The attic whisper fled while the party fought valiantly against the creature. Maru Redwing was almost slain here, when she was racked across the chest by the powerful beasts whirling claws. At this time the party notices a powerful storm having erupted on the island. As they ventured into the parlor area, they encountered an illusion that showed the room as being in perfect repair. However, it was the place of an attack by two of the dreadful Attic whispers. while one was slain, the other fled to further within the compound. In the auditorium, the party encounted a very powerful illusion of all the seats filled with zombie children, in attendance to an evil constructed band. While most of the part came to realize that the room was a mere illusion, Johanna proceeded to “exterminate” all of the undead in the room, only leaving after “fully” destroying them. This left one last place to cleanse, one of the most cursed, the torture chamber. As the party came into the building, they saw illusions of their selves being tortured, and when the final member of the party ventured in, they where trapped in as doors swang shut and the final of the attic whispers attacked them. after a valiant fight, the party had finally cleansed the final whisper, which forced the mother to reveal herself, and reveal herself she did, as she cast a powerful fireball spell on the building, to damage the party and set the building ablaze. As the party exited the building they came into confrontation with the creature who had been attacking them all along. After a horrifying fight, which horribly wounded the party, and sent Kuma, Tadakichis bear, fleeing into the woods, they final laid the final blow. As the illusions fell, they were reunited with McKiddle and Zortorro, who both seemed rather harrowed from their own adventure. Now only one thing remained, and that was the cleansing. Johanna, having a powerful sapling from the powerful grove of the ever falling leaf, tried to plant the tree in the center of the nexus. The tree took root, and the walls started to sprout limbs, and the limbs leaves, which imeadeatly started to fall from all over the room. As the leaves started to fill the room, they took shape into the form of a dwarf, who introduced himself as Gromin Leafbeard. After a brief conversation, he made the party swear an oath to protect the secret of the grove, and in return he granted them his blessing. As the party made to leave, they made McKiddle swear an oath to spread the good word of the others to his family, and to guarantee them safe passage through McKiddle waters. As the party get ready to set sail, they watch the Highwind sail off toward Heronomus.

The Legend of Scáthach Island
A jolt of lightning, A mothers milk

After having dealt with Nerius, the others made their way to see the priest Aeron, to receive his blessing that he promised them. When they arrived, they found not only Aeron, but a slender and tall man who went by the name Torcan McKiddle. The blessing that they were promised came in the form of a seaweed token that Aeron informed Maru was to be worn when beseeching another priest for their aid. After the deal was done, Aeron went on his way, and the man McKiddle approached the party for aid. McKiddle told the party that he had heard of their prowess, and asked them to help him rescue his wife from the clutches of an evil wizard. The party agreed to this, and immeadeatly set sail for the mysterious island along with McKiddle and his ship, The Highwind. As they approached the Island, they noticed several strange things. Firstly, the island was centered on a leyline nexus, though it was not as powerful as the one found at Cyclones point. Also, Tadakichi identified an malevolent energy surrounding the Island, which Aneesha confirmed was a necrotic energy. As they came onto the Island, they discovered a compound of serveral buildings. As they approached the main building, they found a sign identifying the compound as the Scáthach orphanarium. As they moved through the orphanage, which from all indications was abandoned, and yielded no clues as to whereabouts of the wizard that McKiddle was searching for. When they made it to the second building in the compound, they found rows of bunk beds that looked as if they were meant for children, but as they searched the room more thoroughly, they found the remains of many children in mass graves under the bunks. This horrifying revelation prompted Zortorro to use his third sense to perceive the room and found that the spirit of a girl was watching them. At first, he mistaken the girl for a child, but after watching her for a moment, realized that the girl was much older, but crippled. The other members of the group could not perceive the girl, however, McKiddle did recognize an energy coming from the corner where the girl supposedly was, and he added that the energy was very evil in nature. At this point the party members split up to explore the rest of the compound separately. As the sun starting to set they found themselves meeting in the center most building in the compound, which seems to at one time been the seat of power for some minor lord. The room was ghastly in and of itself, for it seemed to have been the site of some sort of grizzly cannibalism. It is in this room that McKiddle informs the party that he had tricked them, and that his wife was safe and sound elsewhere, and that on this Island resided a powerful spirit known as the mother. The reason McKiddle tricked the party to come there was because he was ordered to destroy the party, however, after discovering the Scáthach island of legend, decided to lure the “others” there to help him defeat the mother. The party is taken aback and enraged, believing that they could trust McKiddle. Even though he tricked them, McKiddle points out that if he lives, he would be able to return to his masters and guarantee them safe passage through McKiddle lands, however, if he were to die there, the McKiddles would send more and more people after the “others” until one or the other was defeated. As the sun sets, the party hears a ghastly howl, and start to prepare for the coming fight with the mother.

Neferious Relgore
In the sight of old gods and new

Game 6
The Gilded Marauder set sail for Heronomus, a shrine island devoted to the worship of the four faces of Phareous-Tain. As they were en route, many things happend on the ship. O’Brian, demanded payment from Maru, who indeed had the funds to pay them. Maru tried to get Raven to start training her in the ways of the mystic, and Raven declined, stating that Maru simply was not ready for the training. Also, Aneesha, Lana, and Tadakichi spent many hours trying to figure out a way to lift the curse off the little girl, who they had found out was named Teleri. They had found that simply removing the curse would kill the poor girl. Aneesha devised a ritual that could remove the curse completely, or just remove the adverse affects of the curse, leaving the boons. They found that they would need a proper circle of abjuration magic, purified water from a blessed spring, and the blessing of a nature spirit. However, even though Aneesha could probably manage the abjuration circle, and Tadakichi garner the blessing of a nature spirit, they did not have the purified water from a blessed spring, so the girl would have to continue to forced into her unnatural sleep, least she awake and attack the crew.
As they approached the island, they noticed what made the island so special, being home to a 15 foot tall statue dedicated to the worship of the sea god. However, Aneesha notices that there is something amiss with the statue, and after a moment of contemplation, recognizes that the statue was created in worship of a different god, and at some point in time was transformed into the statue that they see today. As they landed at the port, O’Brian set about acquiring the goods necessary to keep the ship running smoothly, and just as they reached port, they were approached by man who called himself shiv, who claimed to be the village leader. He told the group that the island had come under hard times, since the lake that provided that island water had seemingly run dry over night. He asked for the aid of the party, and Maru agreed, asking where to start first. Shiv told the party that they should speak to Aeron, the village priest, who was a worshiper of Phareous-Tain in all his faces. Shiv escorted them to Aeron, who was in the middle of prayers at the time of the arrival of the party. Maru and group started to introduce themselves, but Areon cut them off, telling them that he had, of course, heard of the “others” in the service of Ap Cannan. It would seem that their reputation had proceeded them, and in the case of Areon, not in a favorable light. Areon explained that one day the lake had gone dry, and while other, “common” folk thought this dis pleasure from the capricious god, Areon knew better. He believed some creature or magical implement was at play here. He told the party to seek out Nerius Boatlum, a local merchant who was also a wizard who trained on the island of mystra, who would more than likely know more about what was happening. Before the party departed, Maru asked if he would bless the Gilded Marauder, and travel with them as a priest. Areon declined, but offered to bless any who so wished to be blessed. Areon lead the party to the seaside, and blessed Maru and Zorotorro by holding their heads under water, then resuscitating them after they had started to drown. As they would come back to consciousness, he would whisper in their ear, “what is already dead can never truly die.” After he had administered the blessing, he told the party that if they solved the problems on the island, and returned the water, he would grant them his blessing, and with it they should be able to recruit a priest or priestess of Melphina at the island of Mystra.
After leaving the shrine, they went to the Heronomus Inn, where they meet the wizard Nerius, who had 6 body guards wielding strange black powder weapons, not unlike the pistol that Aneesha wielded. Nerius greeted the party, and lady Aneesha Alonzo by name, knowing her for who she is. He told them that he had been at sea in his ship when he was attacked by the bugbear raider known as Relgor Himtooth, who attacked and sank his ship at sea. The way Nerius tells it, he barely survived the attack, and lost many precious items at sea, including an item that he called “melphina’s sponge”, a powerful artifact that could soak up hundreds of gallons of water and reduce it to the contents of a single full sponge. Nerius explains that Relgore must have captured the item from his sinking ship, and now uses it to harasses the nearby settlements. However, Nerius could not convince any one to got seek out Relgore, because most of the power’s in the area believed him dead after a crushing defeat at sea. Nerius, however, believed other wise, and after seeing the devastation that was being caused to the potable water in the surrounding islands, Nerius is now certain that Relgore lived through the defeat and is causing the mayhem. Nerius gave the party the location around where his ship was sank, assuring the party that Relgore’s lair must lay on an island near by. Nerius offers the party a large bounty on the head of Relgore, a bounty for the item itself, and would pay for whatever vessal Relgore was using to take him from island to island. As the party starts to depart, Zorotorro asks Nerius for any information about the treasure of Cristo Montiavon he might have. At this, one of Nerius’s body guards, identifying himself as Master Gunner Cain, says that he searched his whole life for the whereabouts’s of the treasure, and if Zorotorro where to buy their contract from Nerius, he would share all the information he had about the treasure.
The party then sets sail to the location that Nerius had given them, and fairly quickly there after find the island due to the large amount of smoke coming from the island, and Zorotorro’s use of his enhanced senses. As they land on the island, they trek to the center, and find a small cavern which was guarded by a large ogre. They send Johanna off to locate the ship that they used, and after she secured it, proceeded to fight the ogre, then fight there way through Relgores orc and Gnoll minions. As they worked their way through the cavern, they encountered a group of orcs and goblins fighting over a horde of treasure they were trying to split up. As they entered the room, Maru offered them peaceful terms of surrender. While most of the group decided that they would rather kill the party and take their belongings, one orc stood back and waited. The final blow, in fact, came from this orc, who assured the party that he was peaceful, and wanted only to be a sailor. Maru accepted him, and the three other goblins they spared, and offered them a position on the ship. The orc named himself as Grog, and told them where Relgore was hiding, and told them to watch out, because the passage to Relgore was surely trapped. He also made mention that Relgore was prideful, and if the party challenged him to one on one combat, he would accept the challenge. As they dodged the traps and made it into his chamber, Relgore instigated combat before any challenge could be offered. As the fight went on, many of the party members where greatly injured, Maru again falling into unconsciousness in combat. However, with the arcane might of Aneesha Alonzo who struck the bugbear blind, the natural power of Tadakichi’s rock fall, Zorotorros master swordsmanship, and Johannas stalwart dwarven combat style, the bugbear with his orc cohorts, could not effectively combat the party, and eventually they were slain.
As the party made to leave the cavern, they let off their silver raven, to signal O’Brian to return with the ship, and they made for Heronomus, with Zorotorro, grug, and the goblins sailing the smaller craft. When they made it back to the inn, they met with Nerius, who paid up his promised coin for the sponge, the head, and the ship, and Maru made to purchase the master gunner and his crew from the employ of Nerius. However, they yet still needed to see Aeron about his blessing.

Eternal Vigilence
The willow that does not rest

Game 5
As the Gilded Marauder sets sail to Blackrock, the party finds themselves in a truly dire situation. In the Port of Mary Ann O’Brian, who is now the quartermaster on the ship, was able to recruit enough sailors so that the ship could be fully staffed, and he aquired the aid of a skilled navigator, however, the ship was still in dire need for the more skilled staff that helps a ship function fully. They still required a Boatswain, a master gunner and gunning crew, a surgeon, a priest, and a cooper. Maru makes certain that O’Brian doesn’t resent her for gaining the Gilded Marauder as her own, and O’Brian assures Maru that there are no hard feelings, but made it clear that his first concern was for the crew and the welfare of the ship. As they reach Blackrock, O’Brain explains that the Ap Cannans are different from most of the other families in the salts, choosing to burry their dead in earth and crypts rather than at sea, and that Blackrock was the island where the Ap Cannan Family cemetery was located. When they actually make it into the little village on the island, they find a mob of crazed villagers confronting a lone priestess of Phareous-Tain, who pleads with the mod, telling them that the water is tainted with some curse and it was no longer potable. Maru, Aneesha, and Tadakichi help stem the mob, and offer the water they were given by Ap Cannan as a substitute to the water in the well. However, it is made appearent very quickly that the water would only last the night. The priestest then introduces herself as Lana, and tells the party that they were recently attacked by some sort of evil creatures, sailing on a dread black ship. The creatures were eventually pushed back by other traveling adventurers, however, since their departure the water in the village has become undrinkable. The people in the village have gone days without water, and pretty soon would have to start to drink the cursed water. When Tadakichi examined the water, he found that some foul curse had been placed on the water, and with the help of Aneesha, they find that the water was tainted by some sort of alchemical source. Terias, the village elder, asks for the aid of the group in helping find the cause of the taint, and eliminating it. Terias says that the problem seems to be steaming from the cemetery, where he hasnt been in days due to fear that some of the creatures remained. He offered the party coin in payment, but Maru asked instead for the service of their priest, Lana, and to this Terias agreed. So Maru, Aneesha, Tadakichi, and O’Brian head to the only other part of the island, the cemetery. When they arrive, O’Brian is shocked, and explains that the iconic williow tree, that stands more than 10 feet tall, was missing from the center of the cemetery. It is then that they are set upon by some wired undead creatures, which seem to drain the essence from the group as they are attacked. As they near the spot where the willow tree use to be, they find a deep earthen hole dug into the ground. The party then decends into this new earthen cavern, and battle their way through more of these evil creatures, which Aneesha identifies as vampire spawn. After a little deduction, they come to the conclusion that the creatures that attacked the island before must have been Vampires as well, and this must be the remnants of that attack. As they venture through the cavern, they find an ancient room filled with coffins. Most of the coffins where ancient and decayed, except their were two that seemed new and kept up well. As they investigated, they found one was empty, but the other held what could only be the treasure horded by the vampire. In this second coffin, they found a near dead little girl, who seemed to be some sort of play thing for this demented vampire. As they neared the end of the cavern, they found the vampire in the act of emptying some vial into an underground stream, that Tadikichi recognized as the water source for the well within the city. As the man turned to the party, he explained that it was to late, and the deed was done. They attacked the vampire, and with expert arcane might from Aneesha, were easily able to over come the evil vampire. After going through the materials present in the twisted laboratory, Tadakichi found the implements needed to reverse the effects of the taint. However, as they were leaving the cavern, they came face to face with the ancient willow tree that stood where the hole now was, however, it was infact a treant, who was tainted by the water, and had become demented and evil from it. However, with quick thinking from tadakichi, he used the same implements to reverse the effect on the tree, who then explained that he was the guardian of the cemetary, and that the vampire was once a trusted friend and ally, by the name of Malik Driftwood, who, after being attacked by the vampires, had been driven crazy by the rejection of the village. He made the group swear an oath to keep his secret, and settled back down to continue his guardian ship of the island. When the group returned to the village, it was late at night. They had brought the girl with them, hoping that Terias would take guardianship of her. However, Terias, knowing what the girl was, forbade her from staying on the island, and told the party that if they left her here he would drown her and hide the body before morning. Lana found this unacceptable, and demanded that Maru let her take guardianship of the girl if she were to join the Gilded Marauder. Maru, having no other option, allowed it. As they made it back to the ship, they immediately set sail for the next port on the way, Heronomus.

Reception of Heroes
The capricious lords favor

Game 4
The party make their way towards the Port of Mary Ann, albeit at a very slow pace, due to the fact that they lost many sailors, and almost all of the skilled labor that is necessary of a fully functioning ship. Although, Captain O’Brian is greatly aided by the help of Zorotorro, who is in his own right a very talented sailor. As they arrive at the port, they find that there are many ships flying flags from many of the more prominent lords of the southern part of the salts. The Freys, the Gunthers, even the Lyonells. This comes to a surprise to most of the party, as they did not expect to find such a large gathering at the Port of Mary Ann. Maru immediately heads out to find McVale, to report their progress. McVale is found in the Inn of Mary Ann, and looks very distressed, and not at all comforted by the presence of Maru. He tells Maru to give him a full report, which she does, and informs Maru that she and the rest of her crew of “others” where to acquire formal dress and be present in the morning for some sort of formal gathering. Beyond that, he regrets to inform her that he has no new order for her. Zorotorro is asked by Captain O’Brian to become his first mate, which Zorotorro graciously accepts, and his first order as first mate is to Help O’Brian find a crew of able bodied sailors, and beyond that find some of the skilled labor that they are now missing after the battle at Sparrows head. Zorotorro seeks out Le’Blanc, and tells him about his success in finding clues leading to the treasure of Cristo Montiavon. At this point, Le’Blanc informs Zorotorro that he is a skilled navigator, and would like to accompany the Zorotorro in his quest to find the treasure, and lend his skills to the Gilded Marauder. When Zorotorro brings Le’Blanc to Captain O’Brian, O’Brian agrees almost immediately, recognizing the talent that Le’Blanc possesses. Aneesha and Tadakichi seek out the mystic, Raven, and purchase from her some items of wondrous power, and she use’s her power to recharge Tadakichi’s magical wand of healing. It is also from Raven that the party receives many suits of formal wear, as Maru, who arives shortly after Aneesha and Tadakichi, explains that they are necessary. Maru then extends an invitation to raven to join the crew of the ship, so that she might learn some of the secrets that raven could teach her, and Raven, after having read the palms of four out of the five party members, agrees. The party is appointed apartments of their own, where they rest for the night in preparations for the formal gathering in the morning. However, after all the other were fast asleep, Aneesha returned to the strange in that held the mystic Crescent Moon, and delivered unto him the conjuration scrolls that he requested. Crescent Moon was very happy about this, because she was able to so adeptly aid him, and the fact that he did not need to kill her and garner the contempt of her patron. He offered her a postion within his order, gave her a boon, and asked her to hunt down a sailor by the name of Cherrik, and “rid the world of his presence”. He promised her more trinkets of power, and her aid in this would cement her relationship with his order, so she, of course, accepted.
The following morning, the party makes their way to the previously unused governors manse on the island, and find a celebration. They learn, rather quickly, that this day marks the start of the festival season within the salts, and that Lord Ap Cannan planed a large party for his most revered lords. Lord Ap Cannan, noticing the aproach of the group, starts his speech, claiming a major victory at Sparrows head, lead by the cunning and daring Maru Redwing, in the service of the Lady Marrivelle. This seems strange to the party, seeing as at that time they were currently in the service of Ap Cannan. The Lord than makes a proclamation that the Gilded Marauder, under the captain Maru Redwing, would be traveling to the port of Talbar, to race in the four wind races under his sail. After all the applause died down, and the guest return to mingleing, Lord Ap Cannan invites the group inside for a tour of the grounds. He leads them to the study where he asks for a report from Maru Redwing. After the report is given, Lord Ap Cannan begins to chastise the party, telling them that he is most displeased with their progress. He claims that there was little evidence to justify the actions at Sparrows head, calling the whole incident lawless and done on no authority of his. He explains that Sparrows head was one of his top resource producing holdings, and with out it he was in a very poor footing. He also chastie’s the party for not informing him of the mine on Cyclones point sooner, hinting that he suspected the group of trying to hide the information for their own personal gain. He then stripes the party of their official writ in his service, and demands that the party go and enter the Gilded Marauder in the four wind races, and win it. He also makes the demand that the party capture the Butchers, and bring them to justice at any cost. Zorotorro takes the oppertunity to question Lord Ap Cannan, who then starts to rage at him, and threatens the whole party, saying that, “I cannot kill Redwing, for she is protected by Lady Marrivelle, however, if my demands are not met, I will expel Maru from the salts, and hang the rest of you.” He at this point sends the party on their way, now having the misfortune of trying to repair a damaged ship, find a crew for it, and enter it into the four wind races. The party, deciding that their welcome is gone, make plans to set sail immediately. However, Just before they set sail, McVale approaches the party and informs them that Lord Ap Cannan also demands that they do what they can to enforce law on their way to the Port of Talbar, and informs Maru that she is to stop over on the island of Blackrock to deliver needed water, as the island is in the throes of some sort of drought.

The clash at sparrows head
In a time of Choas, none can be trusted

Game 3
The players arrive at sparrows head, assured of the safety of the port by Captain O’brian, who, having spent much time on sparrow head, knows personally the constable, Finnegan Ap Krackus AKA Salty, very well. As the island comes into sight, however, Tadakichi can feel the presence of the defiler spirit that he encountered at Cyclones point, and Zorotorro notices that a great deal of negative emotions preside on the island As the party arrives on the island, they are immediately approached by the dock master, a man by the name Tully. Tully introduces himself to the party, and informs them that before they are even allowed on the island, they must first report to his office and file the proper paper work for trading with the people of the Island. Maru demands an audiance with the governor, one Willowas Ap Scallow, and to this Tully simply replies that he will bring the request to the governor and that their meeting will happen in due time, however, until that time they were to think of Tully as the governors direct voice in matters. After the party finishes dealing with their red tape, Tully warns them that they are not allowed to the inner parts of the island, seeing as that the island is mostly made up of orchards of fruit, which brings a great profit for the lord Ap Cannan. Tully recommends that the party head to the Sparrows head inn, which is ran by a man named Bertuld. As the party heads to the inn, Maru notices that Tully is heading to the inner parts of the island, and decides to follow him and see where he goes. The rest of the party proceed to the Inn, where they meet Bertuld and Salty, and Johanna comes up with a plan to attempt to gather information on the island, while at the same time gaining some much needed rest and relaxation. Maru follows Tully through the inner part of the island, seeing many people at work harvesting the fruits of their labor. Maru follows Tully to a large manse in the center of the island, which could only be home to the governor. Maru watches as Tully enters the manse, and an hour later, leaves. Maru then approaches the manse and simply knocks on the door. When the butler answers it, Maru demands an audience with the govenor, and explains who she is, and shows her writ not only from Ap Cannan, but from lady Marrivelle as well. She is welcomed in, and after waiting a short while is lead to the study of Ap Scallow. It is here where Maru is caught surprised, as Butch Shankill and Crotan reveal themselves from the shadows. It is at the time that Maru’s situation becomes dire, and simply being in the presence of the fearsome Butch Shankill sends wave’s of terror through her very core. As she tries to escape, she is cut off and struck unconscious by the powerful elder Shankill brother.
As the day turns to dusk, the party starts to fear for their leader, and decide that she must have returned to the ship. They return to the gilded marauder, and find O’brian busy resupplying the ship, but to their dismay find no Maru. At this point the other members of the party decide to venture deeper into the island to try and find any sign of Maru. It is here in port that they are ambushed by 10 members of the gang, who assure the party that they have no chance to survive. The party and the gang clash, by the power that the party wields easily overcomes the gang members, however, just as they start to give chase to the gang as they flee, they are accosted by the constable Salty, who declares the party in violation of the islands laws by bringing the bear on the island, and being out after curfew, and demands that they throw down their arms and surrender.
At this point Maru wakes to find all of her belongings stolen save her armor and weapon, and a very sinister looking Crotan watching over her. He begins to explain that, at the orders of Butch, she was to traverse his little maze of puzzles and trials. This, Crotan explains, is purely for the enjoyment of Butch, and in no way was what the wicked Rat man would have of her. As she moves through the tunnel, she encounters a rather easy to over come guard who she kills with little or no thought, to the amusement of Crotan, who all the while watches and goads her. However, Her second challenge, a massive rat with the taint of undead, best’s her, as she is unable to catch it unawares and she again falls into unconscious.
The party, having ignored Salty’s order for them to surrender, chase the gang into the center of the island, where they have a show down in front of the manse. The remaining Gang members are joined by Salty and a few of the laborers, believing the gang to be their friends, and the Party as foes. This ensues in a massive fight, where the gang members fight to the death, and the three laborers that followed were also slain. This fight made very easy by Zorotorros might as an expert swordsman, Tadakichi’s control over nature as he conjures up entangling vines to trap the laborers in its web, Johannas tough as stone drawven fighting style, and Aneesha’s might arcane spells. At the end, all that is left standing is Salty, who, after a quick fight with the group, throws down his weapons and surrenders, knowing that if he continued to struggle his fate would be that of all of his allies around him.
After they tie up and knock Salty unconscious, they proceed into the governors manse. In here the find the place darkened and filled with strange, arcane runes, along with the stench of death. In here, on the second floor balcony, Crotan makes his appearance, and informs the party that they are about to meet their doom. Crotan stands before them in his true form, that of Half man/half rodent. With a simple snap of his fingers, a sheet is released from the rear wall, revealing Maru Redwing, completely striped and chained to the wall, apparently near death. Also, at the same snap, the room fills with a multitude of rodents, waves of small ones, and a few massive ones. It takes no time at all to realize that the rodents have been resurrected through a touch of necromancy. The party, seeing their leader in such dire peril, unleash all of their power, Zorotorro unleashing his magic sword of pure energy, Johanna letting lose with her strong and steady dwarven style, Tadakichi unleashing the mighty kuma to do battle with the hordes of rats, and Aneesha unleashing her most powerful spells. As the party battles their way up to the second floor, and start to surround Crotan, He curses them, and transforms himself into a smaller rodent as well, and makes good his escape though a hidden exit only large enough for a tiny rodent that is set into the floor board.
The party then, having missed their opportunity to capture Crotan, rush to Maru’s side and try to revive her. Also, O’Brian makes his appearance, along with several members of the crew, and explain to the party that a band of mercenary’s, supposedly on good terms with the party, have arrived to help secure the island. O’Brian also informs the party that his ship was attacked, and many more of his men were killed, and the ship itself severely damaged. The party, under orders from Maru, search the manse, and find a secret arcane ritual room attached to Ap Scallows study. It is here that Aneesha finds the Grimore of the green had, and the conjuration scrolls. Also, Johanna finds the diary of man named Tristan Frey, and Zorotorro finds a log of another mans journey in the attempts to find the treasure of Cristo Montiavon. They also find the arcane studies of a man who names himself Patronus Specialas, who, in his studies, hints at a greater plot to disrupt the Ap Cannan control on the region. It is in the study that they are greated by a dwarf who names himself Do’Rakka, and it comes to light that he is infact Johanna’s brother. He had come to the island with a group of dwarven and gnomish mercenary’s, lead by a man named Onasi Curia, who claims to be a Knight of the Forge Hammer, an order of dwarven and gnomish knights who live within the forge mountains. As the party returns to the city proper, they find many buildings burned down, and many people killed, as it would seem that the seed of treachoury ran deep on the island. It is here that Aneesha gives the grimore to the knight known as Onasi, who calls Aneesha, “my lady”. From here, the party sets sail for the Port of Mary Ann, to report back to Lord Ap Cannan

Return to the nexus of evil
and the hunt continues

Game 2
The players return to the Port of Beth, half their mission complete with the safe return of Kinina Marrivelle. They return to the Inn at the port of Beth, where Ap Cannan is located. They return to a somber mood, as the fleet that carried the prisoner Arven Trueflight was attacked, Trueflight having escaped, and Ap Cannans ward, Terran Gryfth, was lost at sea. They meet first with McVale, Ap Cannan’s adjutant. Here he shows Maru to Caleb Benedictus, operational leader of the Directive in the salts, who takes on the duty of safeguarding Kinina back to Portsworth with the aid of Dowden, a doctor by trade, and Maru’s personal friend. Also, Johanna is given information on her quest, and is told to seek out information about one Tristan Frey, a member of the Griffen riders, also known as the “keeper of the Artifact”, a revered position, even amongst the most revered Griffen Riders. McVale also warns the party that it has been made apparent that a wizard by the name of Patronus Specialis is some how connected to the butchers. As the party starts to realize the power of their foe, Maru seeks out some sort of boon or potent that could aid the party in their hunt for the butchers. This leads her to seek out the mystic known Simply as Raven, who lives in a cave in the higher reaches of the Port of Beth. Raven reads the future of Maru and explains to her that she has a great destiny. From this point, the party gears up again to return to cyclones point and deal with the evil that they locked inside the mine. Ap Cannan is most pleased with the progress of the party, and rewards them for the return of Kinina, but stresses the importance of capturing the butchers, this importance multiplied by his recent loss at sea.

The party returns to the island, and instead of landing at the normal port at Cyclones point, they circle the island looking for another port, fearing that if they landed in the main port that they would be spotted by those who are sympathetic to the causes of the butchers. This is most fortunate for the party, as they find a secret, derelict port on the southern side of the island. The party has the Marauder set anchor at sea, and approach the port on rafts that they hide amongst the weeds. As they land, they find that the port itself is home to not only rotting wood and old machinery, but by a band of goblins. They decided that stealth would yield them better than aggression, and decide to leave the goblins alive. They follow an abandoned rail way, supposedly used to transport minerals from the mine to the port, straight back to the mine and find it in almost the same condition that they had left it almost two weeks previous. Again with the Dwarf’s superior knowledge of engineering, they use the old machinery to clear the path into the mine that they had previously blocked. They enter the mine, finding it devoid of human life, and inhabited by strange and powerful monsters. They find monsters such as the cunning and deceptive dark-mantle, the destructive and deadly undead shadow, the wicked and fearsome Gelatinous cube, and the monsterous Rust monster. They also find an odd Silver raven that radiates with magical power, and a small trinket of power, in the form of a religious symbol of Melphina. The party suffers many deadly blows, especially since the elvic druid Tadikichi wanders off, trying to track down some dark “energy”. As they explore, they find that the mine is in fact very furtile, and given the right amount of time and resources, could be made to produce again. They find out that they mine was maintained some 350 years ago by worshipers of melphina, the goddess of secrets. They also discover a room tainted by evil, which contains dismembered body parts, and an odd well in its center. The party determines that this room is the center of the evil, and Johannas staff, given to her by her Uncle Leafbeard, vibrates gently and pulses with power. In one of the other rooms they encounter a group of friendly goblins who tell the party of the arrival and departure of the butchers leaders, through some sort of underground water way that leads to a secret cove on the island. The party follows the water way, on a small raft built by the goblins, to this secret cove where they find an inlet that could be a natural port for a small ship. They also find some of the personal affects of one Chet Shankill, who’s journal states that there was some safe haven to be found on the small island of sparrows head. Its at this point that party meets back with tadakichi, who explains that he followed some sort of evil defiler spirit though the island, and felt its presence heading in the direction of sparrows head. The party decides that it would be best to head to sparrows head right away, hoping to keep hot on the trail of the butchers. As they return to their ship, they find their ship having been attacked by the goblins that they had left unmolested, and though no serious harm came to the ship, many men lay dead, and much of the supplies having been raided.

And so it begins
On the trail of evil

Game 1
The players are gathered together in a group under the expressed writ from one Gruffud Ap Cannan, liege lord of all of the southern salts. The players Start in the Port of Mary Ann, a very important port along the trade routes within Ap Cannan’s domain.
Maru Redwing, raised in the allience, was sent from the capital city of portsworth, being a member of the governing entity known as the directive, with the order to return the daughter of Lady A’nashi Marrivelle, who was kidnapped by the evil gang known as the Shankill Butchers, lead by the infamous Butch and Chet Shankill. She was given not only authority by the alliance, but by Lord Ap Cannan, acting as a enforcement official in the salts. She was to gather a group to aid her in her quest. She was then introduced to Johanna Wroclaw, a drawf hailing from the deep silver mountains far to the south. Johannas joined with Maru willingly, seeming to have something to gain from an alliance with Lord Ap Cannan. Then there is Aneesha Alonzo and the mysterious man named Zorotorro, who were recruited by the man Terran Gryfth, who is the heir to all the Gryfth lands and ward of Ap Cannan. Alonzo hails from the forge mountains to the south, and is well versed in the arcane arts, making her a powerful ally. Although, Alonzo has intentions of her own, looking for the famed Grimore of the Green hand, an ancient and power tome of arcane magic, and is given direction by a man named Crecent moon, who, in return for the information, asks Alonzo to bring him certain scrolls pertaining to conjuration magic. Zorotorro, a man of allience birth, joined the group after the summons for able bodied adventures at the behest of Gryfth. Zorotorro is suggested to the job by long time friend and ally Le’Blanc, who explains that traveling with the party might yeild theme secrets to the famed treasure of Cristo Monteavon. Then enter Tadakichi, who brings a strange creature known as a bear as a companion. Tadakichi and Kuma travel with Maru, as if pulled along by a force unexplained. The lord Ap Cannan gave Maru and her crew the use of one of the fastest and finest ships in his fleet, known as the Gilded Marauder, Captained by the seasoned sailor Known simply as O’brian. Their objective is to rescue Marrivelles daughter, Kinina, and to apprehend or kill the butchers Chet and Butch Shankill. At this time Ap Cannan is preparing to ship a very important prisoner, one Arven Trueflight, back to the Port of Beth, where an alliance vanguard awaited to transport him to his fate in Ports worth.
They set off South, to cyclones point, once a very important port, but as time is cruel, so it was to the point. As the party arrives, they hear rumors of some sort of syndicate that has its base farther into the island. After poking their heads around for a time, they are approached by a man who claims to be a recruiter for the butchers, known as Crotan. Crotan extends an invitation to the group, asking them to join the gang. The party agrees, and they are informed of the hideouts location. As they travel through the dense jungle that is Cyclone Points interior, they discover that the hide out sits not only in an abandoned mine, but also on a very powerful leyline nexus. The party is met by Crotan again, who introduces them to the rest of the gang. As the night goes on, Anessha formulates a plan to seduce one of the gang members and gains access to the inner part of the mine, to where the young elf Kinina was held. Here Aneesha lays with the brigand, and then slits his throat directly afterward, when his guard was down. She then used her arcane arts to enthrall the ward of the cell, a skeleton who acted not only as guardian, but as key master as well. As Aneesha is rescuing the girl, the other party members start their secret assult on the sleeping and unawares gang of butchers, killing them almost to a man. However, just as Aneesha exits the interior of the mine, she notices that she was not the only thing coming from the mine, as there was a man who had rodent features and fur all over his body riding what could only be described as a demon lion with wings and a great spiked tail. Johanna, being dwarven born and miner by profession, was able to use the great machinery to block the entrance to the mine, trapping the creature and the rat man, and hopefully the leaders of the gang as well. At this point the party retreats through the woods, back to their ship to return the elf girl back to the protective hands of Ap Cannan.


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