The journey of the Griffen

Tales of Mystra1
Zortorro day 1

After defeating Abraxis and taking him prisoner we set sail back to Glenn Hallow( not sure if this is the right name). After dropping of the survivors and resupplying the ship we set sail for the Island of Mystra.
We could not agree what to do with Abraxis, some of us said kill him others said let the authority on Mystra. I personally thought he would make a fine addition to the crew but only if we could figure exactly what caused him to be so violent.
As we approached Mystra I had feelings that some bad things were going to take place during our stay there. I also know that the crew of the Gilded Maruader needs a little time off ship to rejuvenate themselves.
I should look into doing a little bit of inquiring about my abilities without actually using them. The is a Place that has a very wealthy amount of knowledge about magic so it seems that I should be able to find something about my unique abilities.
I should do more looking int the treasure of Monto Cristovone along with having master Cain look as well!

Plight of the wicked
a childs dream turned to nightmare

My mother always told me dreams are just that, images that could never hurt you. From my youth she was what I would consider my heart. Always helping others when they were in need, throwing lavish balls to to bring the 42nd mind together in harmony. It was during these times my family was at its best. Where my father could be seen smiling because he was happy, not to keep up the front. It was she who taught me to remember who I was at all time. Everyone in our family clan knew of her great kindness, when she took in Kurat for our cousin family to help him find a life that wasn’t full of dice and debt. She was the person I was suppose to model my life as, to become the great heir to the Alonzo line and lead our people into a time of glory!

My mother always told me dreams could never hurt me, and I believed her without doubt. Then she died. I was never told how she died. Or how she died. Onasi would pat me on my young head, always more of a father then my own flesh and blood. Kurat let himself fall back into his pit of failure, always leaving me a trail to follow and bail him out of trouble. No one would tell me why? My father told me it was just her time. That was not an answer I wanted to acknowledge. That was not an acceptable explanation to satisfy my grief! That’s is when the dreams I had no fear of became a place of utter chaos.

Always the same dream. A dark shadow looming over a dwarf in sorrow. Always crying, always on his knees weeping into his hands. Never looking up, never does his cries ever cease. The dark shadow would never be alone, always others creeping around him. Some had no flesh tone, pure white as cold stone. Others had flesh dripping of their limbs like water, some no flesh could be seen at all. These dreams continued for month after month, molding me into a bitter, colder woman. The polar opposite of what I was to be in my parents eyes. Then one day the dreams stopped. All images I can see has clear as the stone in front of me withdrew from their haunting visits.

T’was that same day my father would introduce to me a man would remake the very person I was…

Tales of Mystra

February 28:
Second day at Mistra. I hadn’t thought it possible but somehow even more happened today than yesterday. I’m taking a brief time now before resting to write it down. I must confess, I am so hyped from battle that sleep is far from my mind. My hope is that scribbling it all down helps settle my brain. To begin with, we started the day with a meeting in the navigation chambers. The primary purpose was to discuss who was entering the duels and spending the credits earned from the Arcanum. It was agreed that we would split up and later meet in the afternoon for the shopping. For whatever reason, it seems that most of my crewmates have things to attend to on shore. Sadly I had no such agenda of my own. (After Zorotoro’s mishap with a local gang yesterday, it was decided that travelling in groups would be best. Safety first, an adage my father would be proud of.)
Zorotoro had some errand to run at the Arcanum’s acquisitions office. I decided to tag along to ask this so called expert about the Spirit Throne. (Let’s be honest, when it comes to the arcane I’m grasping at straws. Anything this man might be able to tell me would be a massive help.) The Master Adele was surprisingly cooperative. Of course he dismissed the Spirit Throne as common folklore but since we (the crew of the Gilded Marauder) had proved adept at retrieving another piece of folklore (that malicious axe from Abraaxis) the Master Adele tasked us with bringing other such items to him. He even gave us a book that detailed famous relics throughout the ages and possible locations. Part of me is giddy. It reminds me of being young in the mines and looking for buried treasure with my brother. (The most we ever found were some old glass bottles, but it was treasure to us none-the-less)

But then I wonder if each relic in this book is like the Spirit Throne. Powerful and dangerous. Or worse yet, if each relic also has a tragic story behind it. In the end it matters not. I know what must be done. I trust this Arcanum with most items, they seem like honorable sorts for magic users. But there is only one course of action if I find the Spirit Throne. It must be destroyed. At any price. I vowed to Uncle Leaf-Beard that I would do it, and I shall. Even if it destroys me in the process.

After that meeting we got to go to some odd supply house for the Arcanum and go shopping. Normally I’m not the sort to enjoy such frivolous things but this was amazing. Every sort of scroll, potion, wand, and weird doodad you could imagine was there. And thanks to a more than generous payment for returning Fang we had enough money to deck out the ship and a little extra for each of us. (Maru purchased these bizarre lights for the boat. They remind me of will’o wisps but in a pleasant way.) It was so hard for me to decide what to buy. After much serious deliberations I decided on a rather sharp looking belt that will improve my strength, this amazing folding boat-thingy, a few potions, a new satchel for carrying things (my old one had gotten ratty), and a book on lay lines. There were some spiffy boots I wanted but sadly none were my size. (This town is not what I’d call dwarf friendly.)

Eh, my hand cramps as I write this. I warned you journal, that today was long. I haven’t even gotten to the point where I fell from the sky onto some overdressed mercenary. (That comes soon) After shopping, there was a bit of downtime which I used to read my newly acquired tome of lay lines. I’m starting to understand it a bit more. It seems that magic, much like metal, exists in veins. Except you can’t really see it. Sometimes though you can tap into it, similar again to mining just with different tools. Isn’t the world a magnificently complicated place? Just when I think I know what I’m doing, some large new thing gets chucked in my path.
At the end of the day it became known that Maru has been causing quite the ruckus around town. Not only was she attacked in broad daylight, but she found a corrupt town guard, killed him, and laid a trap for Crotan. (He was that scary rat-thing that worked with the Shankhill Butchers) We found ourselves sneaking towards the trap with those orcs we picked up a few ports ago. Can’t say I was terribly pleased, but no one asked me. (The orcs seemed eager to fight but I can’t help but think they’d be just as eager to do us in.) When we arrived at the designated ambush point there were already 2 guards at the door. Tadakechi shifted to the form of a bird, stole a guard’s hat, and led them on a merry chase away from the area. I broke down the door and the rest of us rushed in. It was pure chaos. Apparently the town guard were working with mercenaries who were working with the Butchers, and they were all trying to ambush us. Everything afterwards went by very fast. The orcs went one way and took out the mercenaries (and looted everything in sight) while Maru & I knocked unconscious more town guards and dispatched a few mercs ourselves. Eventually we were able to eliminate the immediate threat.

There was 1 floor we had not cleared. Using the armor that Leaf-Beard gave me, I was able to float my way to the roof. It was then that I realized how elaborate a set-up this had been. Not only were there droves of men to fight, but they had set up archers at the windows, and trap doors for easy escape. We have made some serious enemies. Regardless I focused on the task at hand. Tadakechi had come with me. We opened one of the trapdoors on the ceiling and rushed in to attack the scum left on the last floor. (Earlier in the evening I had discovered a new way to thwart opponents. Go into my leaf form, float above a doorway, wait for someone to go under me, and drop on them like a cave in! It’s perverse how much fun it is…) Utilizing the same trick, I phased out of my leaf form and dropped onto this fancy dressed man. It was a very bloody fight. The room was filled with much better trained people than we had encountered before. We lost a few orcs. I had gotten rather injured myself from dueling the stranger. Then out of nowhere Aneesha steps forth, casts some strange thing on the man so that he was paralyzed, and then shot him with her pistol. The battle ended very quickly. (Something about having a dead master makes everyone surrender. I find this level of cowardice amusing. If we, the Others I mean, gave up every time our Captain was knocked unconscious… ) Two mercenaries joined the crew and the orcs looted some more. At this time we remembered we had to finish setting up an ambush for Crotan.

I volunteered to sit by myself in the building opposite the one we had just cleared out. There was a crossbow waiting for me in the window and a very good vantage point. Aneesha and Tadakechi tried to set up an oil trap (the idea would be to fence in Crotan with fire) but sadly they didn’t have enough time to finish. The nefarious Crotan skulked down the alley. A few shoddy looking would be Butcher recruits were behind him. Somehow he saw me. Heart racing I had to quickly decide to fire upon him early and spring the trap or see if he would continue down the alley where everyone else waited for him. Without any hesitation I took my shot and fired. The bolt landed into his arm. At once, my traveling companions sprang into action. We made short work of that odious man. While inspecting the body we made a surprising discovery. It wasn’t Crotan at all! Those double-crossing, sneaky butchering bastards had tricked us yet again! Someone noticed a figure on the roof watching us. Zorotoro dashed up there and found nothing but a note. We set the warehouses on fire and disappeared into the night. Back on the ship we looked over the note. It was from a threat from the governor we had ousted on Sparrow’s Head. Not only does he head the Butchers but he’s quite displeased that we’ve given him so many problems. Ha! If that scoundrel thinks that threatening us will make us desist he has another thing coming.

Tomorrow the duels start but I wonder what other things we have set into motion.

Tales of Mystra

After arriving in Mistra, the group docked at the local harbor and split up to investigate the town. Tadakichi joined Maru in entering the tower of fire to speak to the local authorities about the the captured man know as Abraaxis who had been taken from the island of we just left with the young Abigale. There he was known as the Harrow king, a cruel man leading a cult of Vudrith terrorizing the local islands stealing and kidnapping their people turning them it ghouls and constructs. It was discovered that he was actually brainwashed by the cleric Morgan, the real leader of the cult. After his capture and awaking on the ship, he was found of no memory of his actions, but despite this was held captive until turned over to the mistra authorities. After investigating the man, it was ruled that he could not be held for his actions, but had his memory wiped yet again. It was later discovered that Maru dropped him off at a local hostel know as the Church of the way ward sailor with a pocket full of gold to help him get started with his new life.

After gaining an Audience with the head scholar of the arcanum, all in thanks to Lady Redwing. Afterwards we gained a copy of the circles and the lady Annessa joined forces with Tadakich in the timeline of 8 hours preparing and performing the ritual on Abigale and Teleri in hopes to free them of their curse of doom.
Afterwards the Others banded together and fought against a group of marauders who had early harassed Lady Redwing within the streets of Mistra. After many losses on both sides, the others were able to defeat the enemy at hand and took a few steps forward to claiming a better name for the team of misfits.

The following day the first day of the tournament started with a victory for both Maru and Aneesia, but a surprising loss for Zortoro which shocked the entire party. It was at this time that Tadakich would take both teleri and * and teach them his meditation method in hopes of helping them ground their new magical abilities. After an hour of meditation, Tadakichi allowed the girls to explore the towns of MIstra. Going aimlessly from tower to tower teleri eventually lead them to a lecture hall with a class in session. After observing the class, slightly clueless as to what it was about, Tadakichi decided to call it a day and to return to the ship with the girls to meet up with the others. along the way, a play on a balconey drove the girl teleri to climb its walls to inspect, to no success. Humured by this, Tadakich transformed into a large bird to carry both girls up to enjoy the show, much to the surprise for the spectators. They Flew home, all three, in a show of great magic and flight.

The day of the second tournament branch Yielded information of our current foe Morgan! Tadakich discovered Abraaxis was taken once again under the Fowl wings of the Priestess! After a few hours of snooping, He found evidence of the cult meeting in a bar/ inn and tonight one was to be held. Relaying the information to his comrades, they journeyed to the Inn with Gunners as backup. Taking bird form, He flew over the area to make sure it was secure. After entering, they came in contact with a greater earth elemental who’s sole purpose was to eliminate the others. After a hard battle, the creature was defeated, but not without great damage done to the building. Thanks to the quick thinking and spell work of Tadakich, He used the remains of the earth elemental to create beams of stone to hold the build together until the tower of fire reached to see what lies beneath the house….

Tales of Mystra

February 27:
After a very long week of staying on the ship, we finally arrived at Mistra. (I am loathe to confess this, but at least getting involved with that horrendous Barrow King meant we got to be on dry land for a while. The constant stirring of the sea does my gut no favors…) But enough of my ranting and on to Mistra. It is by far the largest city I’ve ever laid eyes upon. So many people and each one bustling about as if it weren’t so damn impressive looking. How are they not lost? Speaking of which, how am I going to find the Gilded Marauder when we disembark? There are dozens of boats here. Guess I’ll just have to stick with our good captain until I get my bearings. At the very least, I get to be on dry land. Back to the comforting feeling of earth and stone…
(Continued that evening)
Today was one of our usual dreadfully long days. (Somethings I have noticed about travelling with such an interesting group, nothing ever goes as plan, nothing is as easy as it should be, and woe be the dwarf who wants a full night’s sleep.) Bah. To start with, we had the ever boring docking procedure. Meet with port authority, inventory goods, etc. Elders be praised that I’m not in charge of such tasks and O’Brian is. How he has the patience to do it boggles my mind. Captain Redwing and I were anxious to relieve ourselves of dragging that odious Abraaxis around and so we set off posthaste to deliver him to the proper authorities. Everyone else scattered off too. I know Zorotoro & the witch delivered that nasty ax to some Arcanum collector. (Who has a very good knowledge of old & cursed items. When I get a free moment I should look into inquiring about the Spirit Throne.) Tadakechi scoured the nearby ports for any sign of that Morgana character. (Unsuccessfully I might add. Although he did locate a building that might belong to the Shankhill Butchers. It would be nice to bring them to justice, once and for all.) And I forget what that gnome was up to. She doesn’t go out of her way to be friendly. Rather normal behavior for her type.
But back to Abraaxis. We hauled him off to some generic town guard. After quite a bit of arguing with the locals, the Captain found that we could take him to some magic court & have him tried there. (I’m not going to lie. The whole city of Mistra is entrenched in magic, so much it makes me nervous.) But I vowed to see this to the end and I helped drag his sorry ass to the court. (Keep in mind, I wanted to slay him back at Glen Hollow, but was outvoted by my crewmates. Funny how none of them wanted to help out…) The judge was a fearsome sort by the name of Zolkar. Maru explained the situation and why we were there. He wasn’t terribly impressed. I did my best to stay silent. It was very obvious I didn’t belong there. (I only interjected a few times, and only when it was absolutely necessary. I cannot stress enough how much I stood out.) Zolkar used some sort of fell magic to commune with the prisoner and the truth about how Abraaxis had been a sailor and had been kidnapped for four months came to light. He was unaware of all of the evils he had caused. It was truly a sad moment. This cult of Voodruth are a nefarious lot who need to be stopped. That much is for sure. The judge found Abraaxis not guilty. I know that he was unaware of his actions in combat, but still, I suffered a grave wound (as did our captain) and so the verdict was less than satisfying. We decided to then take Abraaxis (he was quite docile & still under the effects of whatever it is that judge did to him) to a temple of sorts that specialized in care for drifters and down on their luck. Maru gave him a small satchel of coins to ease the loss of the past few months. Hopefully he can get a fresh start. It’s more than I would have done for the man.
At the end of the day we had a meeting in the navigators’ room (it’s another new found tradition) and we swapped stories about the days successes and adventures. (I already made mention of the important news but there are a few other things to take into consideration.) Zorotoro was ambushed by some local gang with blue sashes and hammers on his way to the master of acquisitions. He escaped safely and managed a more than fair price from the Arcanum for the return of the axe. (It means a shopping trip on the morrow. I have no clue what sort of offerings this city has but I am looking forward to doing something different. Did I mention life on the ship swung between overwhelming & droll?) Also of note is the fact that 3 of my companions have entered the Mistra Faire Duels. I hear tales of a drinking contest but I’m not quite sure how to enter. (I’m sure this problem will solve itself.) I find myself content with the day’s adventures but also tired. It’s off to slumber for now.

Tales of Mystra

My Lady Marivelle,

I hope that this letter finds you well and that young Kinihna has recovered fully from her ordeal here in the Salts. Every day I have missed walking the gardens surrounding the Tower of Crows and being so long from your side makes me worry, but duty is ever my guiding light. I write you now to tell you of my progress in the task you set before me and to relay the series of near fantastical events here on Mystra that have led me and my companions to our current state of affairs.
I have sent a master of the mining craft to Cyclones Point, in order to survey the cold iron mine we had found there, opening it up to operation under the guidance of your house. Hopefully the map of the trade route through this portion of the Salts was useful to you. My contacts at Concord assured me that the red ships would receive special dispensations and reduced tariffs, especially in exchange for lumber, which should prove most helpful in restoring the Cyclones Point mine to full productivity
The road to Mystra has been a tale in and of itself and I hope that my previous letters have made their way to you with no undue delay. As before, we have hunted the butchers to this strange place, this island-city of magic and intrigue. It would remind me of Portsworth had it the benefit of our beloved Alliance’s governance and the virtue of those who uphold the rule of law back home. As it stands, the Shankhill Butchers seem to have the claws of their corruption rooted firmly in the ancient flesh of this ancient city. The local constabulary themselves seem to be deep in the purses of the butchers.
Rest assured my lady, we have tracked the wolves back to their den and our snares are set. I will not relent until each and every one of them has met justice for their trespasses against you and your daughter. To this end, I have sought to continue the lessons you so graciously gifted me those few months ago. Raven has been my close companion and mentor in this. Perhaps when my duty here is complete, we may return to you and show you what I have learned. The thought fills my heart with determination and longing in equal measure.
I have not ceased in searching out allies and potential partners to house Marivelle’s political and trade endeavors here, though my hunt for the butchers has ever been my focus. It is my belief that Cyclones Point would serve as a perfect base of operations for any sustained presence here in the Salts and I would advise you that tilting Lord Apcannon’s opinion in favor of this would yield my Lady great returns, even after the mine is eventually exhausted.
As always, I am your servant.

Maru Redwing

Tales of Mystra

Day 1
Sailed into the harbor of mistra point. I could see the magic everywhere in the city.
Made way through Mistra, jealousy filling me to the point of a massacre! Everyone had a place within these walls of magic. Being on my own for so long truly makes the mind soft for companionship. First was the Arcanum to investigate the transmutation circles. Then to sign up for wizard tournament, they actually thought I would give my real name for my enemies to find me? These students know nothing of the world outside this island of magic.

Day 2
Gained an Audience with the head scholar of the school thanks in part of our “Captain” Lady Redwing. With said audience we gained a copy of the circles Afterwards we gained access to supplies where I stocked up on black pouter and found some new spells to add into my array of magic.
Tadikichi and I spent 8 hours preparing and performing the ritual on Abigale
& Telri which yielded as a success.
Afterwards the Others and I banded together and fought against a group of marauders joined my two experienced mercenaries. Truly they must have been fools for they didn’t not think to see myself as nay threat, and so I struck the killing blow to the “said” leader when a spell of holding paralyzed him and gave him a cure for any headache we were for him with a shot to the head that everyone would remember. We prepared for the arrival of Kruton and thought we thought him defeated, it was just a minion in disguise.
The burning of the building ended our second night.

Day 3
Began the first round of the wizards tournament. Fought an old man with a familiar who didn’t even last one round against my magic. It truly was a sad sight to behold. Afterwards while wondering the city, an alley doorway found my interested, at the same time I caught the interest of two thugs that seemed to have a desire for my spell book. Thanks to the unexpected assistance of Half Moon, I was given the information that both Onasi and Kurat were both within Mistra, with latter forgetting his original mission. As payment for an unknown rudeness I must repay the brotherhood of the moon with a copy of the transmutation circles and set my cousin back on track to our mission. The other, giving up my chance within the tournament to another wizard, I feel uneasy on doing. I will need the moons to offer something a bit more of a “Gain” on my half to do such a thing. After Relaying with Onasi and Kurat, I had it so they will be joining my journey among The Gilded Marauder.

The second Round proofed to be an annoying one. A spell caster with a fetish for countering the opponets spells could have been a breaking point. Foolishly he allowed me to show off my talent in necromancy, with said talent I took him down a peg or two. Short sighted human.

God of Slaughter
The cult of Voodrith

As the Gilded Marauder sailed towards Mystra, they come upon a likely spot to unload some of their cargo, the port of Glen Hallow. As they came into port, they were greeted by the village elder, a man named Obed, who demanded to know what the party wanted. He informed them that they had been having a series of attack perpetrated against them by unknown assailants, who attacked in the night, burned, raped, and kidnapped any they could capture. Obed held the firm belief that it was the ghost of the Barrow king, from the barrows few islands over from glen hallow. He sent the Gilded Marauder in the general direction of the barrows, and when they arrived they found an island that in the center held a barrow that seemed to be guarded by undead ghouls and fiendish orcs. After a quick skirmish they entered the barrows, where they encountered several groups of a weird type of flesh constructs that fought with increased speed. They also encountered more ghouls, and orcs, who Maru was able to convince to make yield. As they reached the end of the barrows, they found a hidden door that required a key to get into in a strange alter room. It is here that they encountered the first of the cultist, who dressed and black robes and fought to the death. As they continued on, searching for the key, they found a room full of prisoners and an evil priestess of voodrith, the ruthless Morrigan, who was in the middle of a procedure to turn a human into a construct. They battled her and her minions, and she was forced to flee. As They finished the exploration of the barrows, they found the key to the hidden door and returned to it. It is here that they fought abraxes and several of the constructs. After defeating him in a very close battle, they gathered him alive, with all of the treasure he had collected, the citizens of glen hallow, and the orcs, and left. As they were on their way to Glen Hallow, they learned that the girl Abigale could be saved with the introduction of the “doomed” curse that telri suffered, that the real threat was Morrigain, and not Abraxes, and that she had escaped. They returned those that would go back to Glen Hallow, where Obed was forced to give the final mercy to some of the survivors. However, a brave man named Marcus demanded to remain behind to care for Abigale. From Glen Hallow, the Gilded Marauder sailed for Mystra

The treaty of concord

When the gilded marauder left Scathach, they had the intentions of setting sail for the port at Gregors Point, ancestral home and stonghold to the ancient, but dying McKiddle house. However along they way, they had come into contact with a pirate group, which bared passage down the safer waters. As the crew of the gilded marauder made preparations to battle at see, the powerful dwarven maiden Johanna made use of her nature guardian powers and took the form of a dozen fall leaves floating in the wind, and the wild druid Tadikichi the shape of a hawk. As the two larger vessels shot back and forth with their cannons, the two smaller vessels closed as if to board. However, a powerful fire spell from the necromancer Anessa sent one ship to sinking, and the other was to be overwhelmed by the power of the crew as Johanna assassinated the captain, and set all to choas aboard the ship. The larger pirate vessel, having been greatly damaged, decided to flee, leaving the other two vessels to the whim of Maru Redwing, who quickly executed some, and left all the others to die. However, she did take the one vessel that she had won at sea. Triumphant for the day, though weary of things to come, the others sailed onto gregors point. When they arrived, it seemed that tensions where bubbling over with their border rivals, the Hatfield clan. As Randolf “ol’ ran” McCoy told it, James Hatfield had shot his nephew, Harmon the witch, as he was returning from Mystra. Ol’ Ran informs Maru of his bad tidings of things to come, and shows only contempt to her and the rest of the crew. Maru informs Ol’ Ran of the events with McKiddle, and even though Ol’ Ran doesnt trust what she is saying, informs her if she wants to help that she needed to play diplomat between Himself and Willam Anderson “devil Anse” Hatfield, the leader of the rival family, and to help him save his nephew who was dying of a gunshot wound. Maru then infroms Tadakichi, who though a skilled healer, had not the tools to preform the intricate procedure to remove the bullet that was killing him. However, as luch would have it, Johanna had a healers kit from her days traveling under ground, which she offered up to tadakichi willingly. He then, through skill, and divine magic, removed the bullet from Harmons chest and saved his life. However, as all this was happening, Anessa and Zortorro where trying to sell the pirate vessel they captured. They where lead to a winesink where a man named Selkirk offered them goods for the ship and two hundred gold for the press ganged crew. However, later on when the goods where loaded on the ship, the party notices that the goods where stolen from the Hatfields. O’Brian, after learning the truth behind the goods, immediately informs Maru, who chastises Anessa for the trade, and resolves to turn them into the Hatfields. As they set sail from Gregors point, they encountered a Hatfield ship, whos captain was Floyd Hatfield. Maru instructs Anessa to send their silver raven to the other ships and give up the fact that they have the stolen goods. As Floyd and Maru meet for the first time, they discuss the problems in the province, and conspire against both families to make the arrests and trials needed to help stabilize the region. However, Selkirk throws a wrench into the plans when he attacks another Hatfield ship at night with his new vessel. Floyd asks Maru and crew to go and pose as a Hatfield ship to catch Selkirk and his band at sea. They arrive to Selkirks hideout and lure them out as was intended, then preform a quick raid on the compound on the island and capture a majority of the criminal element from the Hatfield’s. However, in response to Selkirks attack, “Devil Anse” and his family, who formed a group known as “loghans Wildcats”, attacked Ol’ Ran’s house, and killed Randolfs wife and 2 of his sons. However, Ol’ Ran was able to make it away to safety. In response to this, Maru and crew capture James Hatfeild’s ship at sea, and brought them to justice. They then gather the heads of the family at the port that Maru came to call “Concord”. Here she revealed that she was apart of a Multinational organization Known as the “Directive”, who patrol most of the Alliance held territory, and act as arbitrator’s and judges between different lords, in the interest of law. Here she judged the guilty of their crimes, and sentenced many of the men to death, and had the McCoy’s and the Hatfield’s settle their rivalry once and for all, merging the two houses, to have the McCoy legacy, with the Hatfield name, saving both familes from ruin. Floyd stays in Concord, to make that the new seat of the future generations of Hatfield’s. Ol’ Ran offers the “others” what boons he can, and informs them of a place close by that held a magical water source. As luck would have it, Tadikichi required such precious unguents, and urged Maru to travel their. When they did, they ventured onto the island, and after climbing a large hill, found that a fresh water spring formed at the top. When they entered they found that it was a nexus point for a leyline, where in lied a water elemental who wished for “maidens to bathe in his cleansing water”. As Johanna, and then Maru bathed in the water, they were given an earthen jar that they filled from a raised dais in the cave, holding water of from the purest source. After having all this done, they left from there and headed towards Mystra, hoping to make it in time for the festival.

Night of the howling dead
The mother and the child

The players prepared to fight the ghastly horrors that awaited them from the island come alive. As the sun set they were attacked by a ghastly creature that Aneesha identified as an attic whisperer. After defeating the first creature, they ventured outside where a powerful illusion spell had been cast, depicting horrific and violent images all over, and seemingly guiding their path through the compound. After fighting a second attic whisper in the kitchen, the party ventured into the dormitory. It is here where they first encounted the mother, who greatly wounded McKiddle, and separated Zortorro and McKiddle from their allies. As if to make matters worse, they encountered a second attic whisper, who was seemingly in command of a multitude of weird skeletal constructs who fused together to form one large monster. The attic whisper fled while the party fought valiantly against the creature. Maru Redwing was almost slain here, when she was racked across the chest by the powerful beasts whirling claws. At this time the party notices a powerful storm having erupted on the island. As they ventured into the parlor area, they encountered an illusion that showed the room as being in perfect repair. However, it was the place of an attack by two of the dreadful Attic whispers. while one was slain, the other fled to further within the compound. In the auditorium, the party encounted a very powerful illusion of all the seats filled with zombie children, in attendance to an evil constructed band. While most of the part came to realize that the room was a mere illusion, Johanna proceeded to “exterminate” all of the undead in the room, only leaving after “fully” destroying them. This left one last place to cleanse, one of the most cursed, the torture chamber. As the party came into the building, they saw illusions of their selves being tortured, and when the final member of the party ventured in, they where trapped in as doors swang shut and the final of the attic whispers attacked them. after a valiant fight, the party had finally cleansed the final whisper, which forced the mother to reveal herself, and reveal herself she did, as she cast a powerful fireball spell on the building, to damage the party and set the building ablaze. As the party exited the building they came into confrontation with the creature who had been attacking them all along. After a horrifying fight, which horribly wounded the party, and sent Kuma, Tadakichis bear, fleeing into the woods, they final laid the final blow. As the illusions fell, they were reunited with McKiddle and Zortorro, who both seemed rather harrowed from their own adventure. Now only one thing remained, and that was the cleansing. Johanna, having a powerful sapling from the powerful grove of the ever falling leaf, tried to plant the tree in the center of the nexus. The tree took root, and the walls started to sprout limbs, and the limbs leaves, which imeadeatly started to fall from all over the room. As the leaves started to fill the room, they took shape into the form of a dwarf, who introduced himself as Gromin Leafbeard. After a brief conversation, he made the party swear an oath to protect the secret of the grove, and in return he granted them his blessing. As the party made to leave, they made McKiddle swear an oath to spread the good word of the others to his family, and to guarantee them safe passage through McKiddle waters. As the party get ready to set sail, they watch the Highwind sail off toward Heronomus.


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