•  Aneesha Alonzo

    Aneesha Alonzo

    Ring of Protection, Boots of Speed, Emerald Dragon, Pearl of Power lvl2
  • Johanna Wroclaw

    Johanna Wroclaw

    A bad-ass dwarven ranger with a dislike of undead on a mission to restore family honor.
  • Kuma


    Tadakichi Faithful Companion
  • Maru Redwing

    Maru Redwing

    Loyal retainer of house Marrivale, determined to establish ties outside of the Alliance and expand the power of her adopted house.
  • Gruffud Ap Cannan

    Gruffud Ap Cannan

    A paladin of Aluna, Gruffud is the lord of the Ap Cannan house.
  • O'Brian


    Current owner of the Gilded Marauder, as well as its quarter master. He is the head of the northern O'Brian house
  • Patronus Specialas

    Patronus Specialas

    Alliance born wizard, and mysterious benefactor of the Shankhill Butchers
  • Torcán McKiddle

    Torcán McKiddle

    Torcán is a young paladin from the House of McKiddle, and has very recently taken the seat of "gryffin rider", a position that has not been filled for the last 300 years