The journey of the Griffen

Tales of Mystra1

Zortorro day 1

After defeating Abraxis and taking him prisoner we set sail back to Glenn Hallow( not sure if this is the right name). After dropping of the survivors and resupplying the ship we set sail for the Island of Mystra.
We could not agree what to do with Abraxis, some of us said kill him others said let the authority on Mystra. I personally thought he would make a fine addition to the crew but only if we could figure exactly what caused him to be so violent.
As we approached Mystra I had feelings that some bad things were going to take place during our stay there. I also know that the crew of the Gilded Maruader needs a little time off ship to rejuvenate themselves.
I should look into doing a little bit of inquiring about my abilities without actually using them. The is a Place that has a very wealthy amount of knowledge about magic so it seems that I should be able to find something about my unique abilities.
I should do more looking int the treasure of Monto Cristovone along with having master Cain look as well!



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