The journey of the Griffen

Tales of Mystra


Day 1
Sailed into the harbor of mistra point. I could see the magic everywhere in the city.
Made way through Mistra, jealousy filling me to the point of a massacre! Everyone had a place within these walls of magic. Being on my own for so long truly makes the mind soft for companionship. First was the Arcanum to investigate the transmutation circles. Then to sign up for wizard tournament, they actually thought I would give my real name for my enemies to find me? These students know nothing of the world outside this island of magic.

Day 2
Gained an Audience with the head scholar of the school thanks in part of our “Captain” Lady Redwing. With said audience we gained a copy of the circles Afterwards we gained access to supplies where I stocked up on black pouter and found some new spells to add into my array of magic.
Tadikichi and I spent 8 hours preparing and performing the ritual on Abigale
& Telri which yielded as a success.
Afterwards the Others and I banded together and fought against a group of marauders joined my two experienced mercenaries. Truly they must have been fools for they didn’t not think to see myself as nay threat, and so I struck the killing blow to the “said” leader when a spell of holding paralyzed him and gave him a cure for any headache we were for him with a shot to the head that everyone would remember. We prepared for the arrival of Kruton and thought we thought him defeated, it was just a minion in disguise.
The burning of the building ended our second night.

Day 3
Began the first round of the wizards tournament. Fought an old man with a familiar who didn’t even last one round against my magic. It truly was a sad sight to behold. Afterwards while wondering the city, an alley doorway found my interested, at the same time I caught the interest of two thugs that seemed to have a desire for my spell book. Thanks to the unexpected assistance of Half Moon, I was given the information that both Onasi and Kurat were both within Mistra, with latter forgetting his original mission. As payment for an unknown rudeness I must repay the brotherhood of the moon with a copy of the transmutation circles and set my cousin back on track to our mission. The other, giving up my chance within the tournament to another wizard, I feel uneasy on doing. I will need the moons to offer something a bit more of a “Gain” on my half to do such a thing. After Relaying with Onasi and Kurat, I had it so they will be joining my journey among The Gilded Marauder.

The second Round proofed to be an annoying one. A spell caster with a fetish for countering the opponets spells could have been a breaking point. Foolishly he allowed me to show off my talent in necromancy, with said talent I took him down a peg or two. Short sighted human.



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