The journey of the Griffen

Tales of Mystra

After arriving in Mistra, the group docked at the local harbor and split up to investigate the town. Tadakichi joined Maru in entering the tower of fire to speak to the local authorities about the the captured man know as Abraaxis who had been taken from the island of we just left with the young Abigale. There he was known as the Harrow king, a cruel man leading a cult of Vudrith terrorizing the local islands stealing and kidnapping their people turning them it ghouls and constructs. It was discovered that he was actually brainwashed by the cleric Morgan, the real leader of the cult. After his capture and awaking on the ship, he was found of no memory of his actions, but despite this was held captive until turned over to the mistra authorities. After investigating the man, it was ruled that he could not be held for his actions, but had his memory wiped yet again. It was later discovered that Maru dropped him off at a local hostel know as the Church of the way ward sailor with a pocket full of gold to help him get started with his new life.

After gaining an Audience with the head scholar of the arcanum, all in thanks to Lady Redwing. Afterwards we gained a copy of the circles and the lady Annessa joined forces with Tadakich in the timeline of 8 hours preparing and performing the ritual on Abigale and Teleri in hopes to free them of their curse of doom.
Afterwards the Others banded together and fought against a group of marauders who had early harassed Lady Redwing within the streets of Mistra. After many losses on both sides, the others were able to defeat the enemy at hand and took a few steps forward to claiming a better name for the team of misfits.

The following day the first day of the tournament started with a victory for both Maru and Aneesia, but a surprising loss for Zortoro which shocked the entire party. It was at this time that Tadakich would take both teleri and * and teach them his meditation method in hopes of helping them ground their new magical abilities. After an hour of meditation, Tadakichi allowed the girls to explore the towns of MIstra. Going aimlessly from tower to tower teleri eventually lead them to a lecture hall with a class in session. After observing the class, slightly clueless as to what it was about, Tadakichi decided to call it a day and to return to the ship with the girls to meet up with the others. along the way, a play on a balconey drove the girl teleri to climb its walls to inspect, to no success. Humured by this, Tadakich transformed into a large bird to carry both girls up to enjoy the show, much to the surprise for the spectators. They Flew home, all three, in a show of great magic and flight.

The day of the second tournament branch Yielded information of our current foe Morgan! Tadakich discovered Abraaxis was taken once again under the Fowl wings of the Priestess! After a few hours of snooping, He found evidence of the cult meeting in a bar/ inn and tonight one was to be held. Relaying the information to his comrades, they journeyed to the Inn with Gunners as backup. Taking bird form, He flew over the area to make sure it was secure. After entering, they came in contact with a greater earth elemental who’s sole purpose was to eliminate the others. After a hard battle, the creature was defeated, but not without great damage done to the building. Thanks to the quick thinking and spell work of Tadakich, He used the remains of the earth elemental to create beams of stone to hold the build together until the tower of fire reached to see what lies beneath the house….



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