The journey of the Griffen


The treaty of concord

When the gilded marauder left Scathach, they had the intentions of setting sail for the port at Gregors Point, ancestral home and stonghold to the ancient, but dying McKiddle house. However along they way, they had come into contact with a pirate group, which bared passage down the safer waters. As the crew of the gilded marauder made preparations to battle at see, the powerful dwarven maiden Johanna made use of her nature guardian powers and took the form of a dozen fall leaves floating in the wind, and the wild druid Tadikichi the shape of a hawk. As the two larger vessels shot back and forth with their cannons, the two smaller vessels closed as if to board. However, a powerful fire spell from the necromancer Anessa sent one ship to sinking, and the other was to be overwhelmed by the power of the crew as Johanna assassinated the captain, and set all to choas aboard the ship. The larger pirate vessel, having been greatly damaged, decided to flee, leaving the other two vessels to the whim of Maru Redwing, who quickly executed some, and left all the others to die. However, she did take the one vessel that she had won at sea. Triumphant for the day, though weary of things to come, the others sailed onto gregors point. When they arrived, it seemed that tensions where bubbling over with their border rivals, the Hatfield clan. As Randolf “ol’ ran” McCoy told it, James Hatfield had shot his nephew, Harmon the witch, as he was returning from Mystra. Ol’ Ran informs Maru of his bad tidings of things to come, and shows only contempt to her and the rest of the crew. Maru informs Ol’ Ran of the events with McKiddle, and even though Ol’ Ran doesnt trust what she is saying, informs her if she wants to help that she needed to play diplomat between Himself and Willam Anderson “devil Anse” Hatfield, the leader of the rival family, and to help him save his nephew who was dying of a gunshot wound. Maru then infroms Tadakichi, who though a skilled healer, had not the tools to preform the intricate procedure to remove the bullet that was killing him. However, as luch would have it, Johanna had a healers kit from her days traveling under ground, which she offered up to tadakichi willingly. He then, through skill, and divine magic, removed the bullet from Harmons chest and saved his life. However, as all this was happening, Anessa and Zortorro where trying to sell the pirate vessel they captured. They where lead to a winesink where a man named Selkirk offered them goods for the ship and two hundred gold for the press ganged crew. However, later on when the goods where loaded on the ship, the party notices that the goods where stolen from the Hatfields. O’Brian, after learning the truth behind the goods, immediately informs Maru, who chastises Anessa for the trade, and resolves to turn them into the Hatfields. As they set sail from Gregors point, they encountered a Hatfield ship, whos captain was Floyd Hatfield. Maru instructs Anessa to send their silver raven to the other ships and give up the fact that they have the stolen goods. As Floyd and Maru meet for the first time, they discuss the problems in the province, and conspire against both families to make the arrests and trials needed to help stabilize the region. However, Selkirk throws a wrench into the plans when he attacks another Hatfield ship at night with his new vessel. Floyd asks Maru and crew to go and pose as a Hatfield ship to catch Selkirk and his band at sea. They arrive to Selkirks hideout and lure them out as was intended, then preform a quick raid on the compound on the island and capture a majority of the criminal element from the Hatfield’s. However, in response to Selkirks attack, “Devil Anse” and his family, who formed a group known as “loghans Wildcats”, attacked Ol’ Ran’s house, and killed Randolfs wife and 2 of his sons. However, Ol’ Ran was able to make it away to safety. In response to this, Maru and crew capture James Hatfeild’s ship at sea, and brought them to justice. They then gather the heads of the family at the port that Maru came to call “Concord”. Here she revealed that she was apart of a Multinational organization Known as the “Directive”, who patrol most of the Alliance held territory, and act as arbitrator’s and judges between different lords, in the interest of law. Here she judged the guilty of their crimes, and sentenced many of the men to death, and had the McCoy’s and the Hatfield’s settle their rivalry once and for all, merging the two houses, to have the McCoy legacy, with the Hatfield name, saving both familes from ruin. Floyd stays in Concord, to make that the new seat of the future generations of Hatfield’s. Ol’ Ran offers the “others” what boons he can, and informs them of a place close by that held a magical water source. As luck would have it, Tadikichi required such precious unguents, and urged Maru to travel their. When they did, they ventured onto the island, and after climbing a large hill, found that a fresh water spring formed at the top. When they entered they found that it was a nexus point for a leyline, where in lied a water elemental who wished for “maidens to bathe in his cleansing water”. As Johanna, and then Maru bathed in the water, they were given an earthen jar that they filled from a raised dais in the cave, holding water of from the purest source. After having all this done, they left from there and headed towards Mystra, hoping to make it in time for the festival.



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