The journey of the Griffen

Plight of the wicked

a childs dream turned to nightmare

My mother always told me dreams are just that, images that could never hurt you. From my youth she was what I would consider my heart. Always helping others when they were in need, throwing lavish balls to to bring the 42nd mind together in harmony. It was during these times my family was at its best. Where my father could be seen smiling because he was happy, not to keep up the front. It was she who taught me to remember who I was at all time. Everyone in our family clan knew of her great kindness, when she took in Kurat for our cousin family to help him find a life that wasn’t full of dice and debt. She was the person I was suppose to model my life as, to become the great heir to the Alonzo line and lead our people into a time of glory!

My mother always told me dreams could never hurt me, and I believed her without doubt. Then she died. I was never told how she died. Or how she died. Onasi would pat me on my young head, always more of a father then my own flesh and blood. Kurat let himself fall back into his pit of failure, always leaving me a trail to follow and bail him out of trouble. No one would tell me why? My father told me it was just her time. That was not an answer I wanted to acknowledge. That was not an acceptable explanation to satisfy my grief! That’s is when the dreams I had no fear of became a place of utter chaos.

Always the same dream. A dark shadow looming over a dwarf in sorrow. Always crying, always on his knees weeping into his hands. Never looking up, never does his cries ever cease. The dark shadow would never be alone, always others creeping around him. Some had no flesh tone, pure white as cold stone. Others had flesh dripping of their limbs like water, some no flesh could be seen at all. These dreams continued for month after month, molding me into a bitter, colder woman. The polar opposite of what I was to be in my parents eyes. Then one day the dreams stopped. All images I can see has clear as the stone in front of me withdrew from their haunting visits.

T’was that same day my father would introduce to me a man would remake the very person I was…



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