The journey of the Griffen

Night of the howling dead

The mother and the child

The players prepared to fight the ghastly horrors that awaited them from the island come alive. As the sun set they were attacked by a ghastly creature that Aneesha identified as an attic whisperer. After defeating the first creature, they ventured outside where a powerful illusion spell had been cast, depicting horrific and violent images all over, and seemingly guiding their path through the compound. After fighting a second attic whisper in the kitchen, the party ventured into the dormitory. It is here where they first encounted the mother, who greatly wounded McKiddle, and separated Zortorro and McKiddle from their allies. As if to make matters worse, they encountered a second attic whisper, who was seemingly in command of a multitude of weird skeletal constructs who fused together to form one large monster. The attic whisper fled while the party fought valiantly against the creature. Maru Redwing was almost slain here, when she was racked across the chest by the powerful beasts whirling claws. At this time the party notices a powerful storm having erupted on the island. As they ventured into the parlor area, they encountered an illusion that showed the room as being in perfect repair. However, it was the place of an attack by two of the dreadful Attic whispers. while one was slain, the other fled to further within the compound. In the auditorium, the party encounted a very powerful illusion of all the seats filled with zombie children, in attendance to an evil constructed band. While most of the part came to realize that the room was a mere illusion, Johanna proceeded to “exterminate” all of the undead in the room, only leaving after “fully” destroying them. This left one last place to cleanse, one of the most cursed, the torture chamber. As the party came into the building, they saw illusions of their selves being tortured, and when the final member of the party ventured in, they where trapped in as doors swang shut and the final of the attic whispers attacked them. after a valiant fight, the party had finally cleansed the final whisper, which forced the mother to reveal herself, and reveal herself she did, as she cast a powerful fireball spell on the building, to damage the party and set the building ablaze. As the party exited the building they came into confrontation with the creature who had been attacking them all along. After a horrifying fight, which horribly wounded the party, and sent Kuma, Tadakichis bear, fleeing into the woods, they final laid the final blow. As the illusions fell, they were reunited with McKiddle and Zortorro, who both seemed rather harrowed from their own adventure. Now only one thing remained, and that was the cleansing. Johanna, having a powerful sapling from the powerful grove of the ever falling leaf, tried to plant the tree in the center of the nexus. The tree took root, and the walls started to sprout limbs, and the limbs leaves, which imeadeatly started to fall from all over the room. As the leaves started to fill the room, they took shape into the form of a dwarf, who introduced himself as Gromin Leafbeard. After a brief conversation, he made the party swear an oath to protect the secret of the grove, and in return he granted them his blessing. As the party made to leave, they made McKiddle swear an oath to spread the good word of the others to his family, and to guarantee them safe passage through McKiddle waters. As the party get ready to set sail, they watch the Highwind sail off toward Heronomus.



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