The journey of the Griffen

Tales of Mystra

My Lady Marivelle,

I hope that this letter finds you well and that young Kinihna has recovered fully from her ordeal here in the Salts. Every day I have missed walking the gardens surrounding the Tower of Crows and being so long from your side makes me worry, but duty is ever my guiding light. I write you now to tell you of my progress in the task you set before me and to relay the series of near fantastical events here on Mystra that have led me and my companions to our current state of affairs.
I have sent a master of the mining craft to Cyclones Point, in order to survey the cold iron mine we had found there, opening it up to operation under the guidance of your house. Hopefully the map of the trade route through this portion of the Salts was useful to you. My contacts at Concord assured me that the red ships would receive special dispensations and reduced tariffs, especially in exchange for lumber, which should prove most helpful in restoring the Cyclones Point mine to full productivity
The road to Mystra has been a tale in and of itself and I hope that my previous letters have made their way to you with no undue delay. As before, we have hunted the butchers to this strange place, this island-city of magic and intrigue. It would remind me of Portsworth had it the benefit of our beloved Alliance’s governance and the virtue of those who uphold the rule of law back home. As it stands, the Shankhill Butchers seem to have the claws of their corruption rooted firmly in the ancient flesh of this ancient city. The local constabulary themselves seem to be deep in the purses of the butchers.
Rest assured my lady, we have tracked the wolves back to their den and our snares are set. I will not relent until each and every one of them has met justice for their trespasses against you and your daughter. To this end, I have sought to continue the lessons you so graciously gifted me those few months ago. Raven has been my close companion and mentor in this. Perhaps when my duty here is complete, we may return to you and show you what I have learned. The thought fills my heart with determination and longing in equal measure.
I have not ceased in searching out allies and potential partners to house Marivelle’s political and trade endeavors here, though my hunt for the butchers has ever been my focus. It is my belief that Cyclones Point would serve as a perfect base of operations for any sustained presence here in the Salts and I would advise you that tilting Lord Apcannon’s opinion in favor of this would yield my Lady great returns, even after the mine is eventually exhausted.
As always, I am your servant.

Maru Redwing



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