The journey of the Griffen

Tales of Mystra

February 27:
After a very long week of staying on the ship, we finally arrived at Mistra. (I am loathe to confess this, but at least getting involved with that horrendous Barrow King meant we got to be on dry land for a while. The constant stirring of the sea does my gut no favors…) But enough of my ranting and on to Mistra. It is by far the largest city I’ve ever laid eyes upon. So many people and each one bustling about as if it weren’t so damn impressive looking. How are they not lost? Speaking of which, how am I going to find the Gilded Marauder when we disembark? There are dozens of boats here. Guess I’ll just have to stick with our good captain until I get my bearings. At the very least, I get to be on dry land. Back to the comforting feeling of earth and stone…
(Continued that evening)
Today was one of our usual dreadfully long days. (Somethings I have noticed about travelling with such an interesting group, nothing ever goes as plan, nothing is as easy as it should be, and woe be the dwarf who wants a full night’s sleep.) Bah. To start with, we had the ever boring docking procedure. Meet with port authority, inventory goods, etc. Elders be praised that I’m not in charge of such tasks and O’Brian is. How he has the patience to do it boggles my mind. Captain Redwing and I were anxious to relieve ourselves of dragging that odious Abraaxis around and so we set off posthaste to deliver him to the proper authorities. Everyone else scattered off too. I know Zorotoro & the witch delivered that nasty ax to some Arcanum collector. (Who has a very good knowledge of old & cursed items. When I get a free moment I should look into inquiring about the Spirit Throne.) Tadakechi scoured the nearby ports for any sign of that Morgana character. (Unsuccessfully I might add. Although he did locate a building that might belong to the Shankhill Butchers. It would be nice to bring them to justice, once and for all.) And I forget what that gnome was up to. She doesn’t go out of her way to be friendly. Rather normal behavior for her type.
But back to Abraaxis. We hauled him off to some generic town guard. After quite a bit of arguing with the locals, the Captain found that we could take him to some magic court & have him tried there. (I’m not going to lie. The whole city of Mistra is entrenched in magic, so much it makes me nervous.) But I vowed to see this to the end and I helped drag his sorry ass to the court. (Keep in mind, I wanted to slay him back at Glen Hollow, but was outvoted by my crewmates. Funny how none of them wanted to help out…) The judge was a fearsome sort by the name of Zolkar. Maru explained the situation and why we were there. He wasn’t terribly impressed. I did my best to stay silent. It was very obvious I didn’t belong there. (I only interjected a few times, and only when it was absolutely necessary. I cannot stress enough how much I stood out.) Zolkar used some sort of fell magic to commune with the prisoner and the truth about how Abraaxis had been a sailor and had been kidnapped for four months came to light. He was unaware of all of the evils he had caused. It was truly a sad moment. This cult of Voodruth are a nefarious lot who need to be stopped. That much is for sure. The judge found Abraaxis not guilty. I know that he was unaware of his actions in combat, but still, I suffered a grave wound (as did our captain) and so the verdict was less than satisfying. We decided to then take Abraaxis (he was quite docile & still under the effects of whatever it is that judge did to him) to a temple of sorts that specialized in care for drifters and down on their luck. Maru gave him a small satchel of coins to ease the loss of the past few months. Hopefully he can get a fresh start. It’s more than I would have done for the man.
At the end of the day we had a meeting in the navigators’ room (it’s another new found tradition) and we swapped stories about the days successes and adventures. (I already made mention of the important news but there are a few other things to take into consideration.) Zorotoro was ambushed by some local gang with blue sashes and hammers on his way to the master of acquisitions. He escaped safely and managed a more than fair price from the Arcanum for the return of the axe. (It means a shopping trip on the morrow. I have no clue what sort of offerings this city has but I am looking forward to doing something different. Did I mention life on the ship swung between overwhelming & droll?) Also of note is the fact that 3 of my companions have entered the Mistra Faire Duels. I hear tales of a drinking contest but I’m not quite sure how to enter. (I’m sure this problem will solve itself.) I find myself content with the day’s adventures but also tired. It’s off to slumber for now.



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