The journey of the Griffen

God of Slaughter

The cult of Voodrith

As the Gilded Marauder sailed towards Mystra, they come upon a likely spot to unload some of their cargo, the port of Glen Hallow. As they came into port, they were greeted by the village elder, a man named Obed, who demanded to know what the party wanted. He informed them that they had been having a series of attack perpetrated against them by unknown assailants, who attacked in the night, burned, raped, and kidnapped any they could capture. Obed held the firm belief that it was the ghost of the Barrow king, from the barrows few islands over from glen hallow. He sent the Gilded Marauder in the general direction of the barrows, and when they arrived they found an island that in the center held a barrow that seemed to be guarded by undead ghouls and fiendish orcs. After a quick skirmish they entered the barrows, where they encountered several groups of a weird type of flesh constructs that fought with increased speed. They also encountered more ghouls, and orcs, who Maru was able to convince to make yield. As they reached the end of the barrows, they found a hidden door that required a key to get into in a strange alter room. It is here that they encountered the first of the cultist, who dressed and black robes and fought to the death. As they continued on, searching for the key, they found a room full of prisoners and an evil priestess of voodrith, the ruthless Morrigan, who was in the middle of a procedure to turn a human into a construct. They battled her and her minions, and she was forced to flee. As They finished the exploration of the barrows, they found the key to the hidden door and returned to it. It is here that they fought abraxes and several of the constructs. After defeating him in a very close battle, they gathered him alive, with all of the treasure he had collected, the citizens of glen hallow, and the orcs, and left. As they were on their way to Glen Hallow, they learned that the girl Abigale could be saved with the introduction of the “doomed” curse that telri suffered, that the real threat was Morrigain, and not Abraxes, and that she had escaped. They returned those that would go back to Glen Hallow, where Obed was forced to give the final mercy to some of the survivors. However, a brave man named Marcus demanded to remain behind to care for Abigale. From Glen Hallow, the Gilded Marauder sailed for Mystra



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